Grace Notes: COLAB 2016 – Day one

Today was the first day of my Colab project. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am doing a project where we work towards performing ‘Lifecycles’ by Phil Meadows. The project is being led by him, and he is conducting at the moment, but eventually he hopes that some of the members of the ensemble will conduct the piece.

We all arrived for rehearsal this morning and after setting up we got straight into it. Over the course of the day we worked on three separate movements. They each have their own challenges, ranging from complicated cross rhythms, improvisatory passages and balance issues. After the work we put in today however, I think we’ll be able to pull it off by our performance on Friday.

2016-02-15 15.08.54

The biggest issue for me is that there are only single strings (one player on each part) and having to compete against one flute, two clarinets, one French Horn, one Trumpet, two Saxophones, one Piano, Upright Bass and a Drum Kit! Safe to say we’re having to work very hard to be heard! I think we’ll be amplified on the night so that will mean we can concentrate on being fully in the music, and not worrying about being heard.

When I first heard this piece I was completely drawn in and couldn’t wait to have a go at playing it. Here is an example of the sort of music we are rehearsing.

I’m really excited to play through some more of the tracks tomorrow and I’m looking forward to keep working with everyone in the group.


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