Grace Notes: Sounds of my Childhood

Last week was a very sad one. We lost two British greats, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I’ve been fans of both of these men for ages. Alan Rickman as Professor Snape and Colonel Brandon captured my imagination and heart as a child and so I, along with many others, felt a huge loss when I heard the news. I have listened to David Bowie for as long as I can remember and his music played an integral part of my childhood. His music (along with a couple of other artists) has stayed with me through my entire life and I still listen to it today.

Growing up, I tended to listen to ‘older’ music, mainly what my parents played . On the rare occasion I go out clubbing, and a ‘childhood classic’ comes on, I don’t know it as my musical tastes were very different back then!

David Bowie, was (and still is) one of my favourite artists. Some of my favourite of his songs are ‘Ziggy Stardust’, ‘Golden Years’ and ‘Life on Mars’, although there are many others I love just as much. I loved the way that his style had evolved and it’s hard to imagine that ‘Golden Years’ and ‘Hallo Spaceboy’ are by the same person! A couple of days ago, my mum showed me something that her and her brother had bought with their pocket money in 1971. It was the single of ‘Life on Mars’. She still has it in the original sleeve and I can’t wait to listen to it when I’m next back in Cardiff! I will always be a fan of David Bowie and he’ll be greatly missed by so many people.


The original Life on Mars single

Another musician that has remained a solid fixture in my life is Bob Dylan. I’ve mentioned before how I loved him when I was little, and named my doll after him! Recently I’ve been re-living my love for Bob Dylan, and have been listening to a lot of Nashville Skyline and Blood on the Tracks. I love his sound and the folk-like style of the music.

The third person whose music has been with me for as long as I can remember is Elvis Costello. There’s one album in particular called ‘The Very Best of Elvis Costello and The Attractions’ that we used to listen to all the time, especially in the car on long journeys. We used to sing along, and make our cuddly toys dance to the music (yes, me and my brother were a tad strange). One of our favourites was ‘Oliver Zombie’ (known to most people as ‘Oliver’s Army’…..) and to this day I can’t hear the ‘proper’ words for that song!


Listing to any of this music makes me happy. I have so many memories associated with each of these songs and it’s great to be able to relive some of them.


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