Grace Notes: A night at the opera!

Last weekend my brother and I planned a trip to the opera. After a mad dash from both of us (he got stuck getting the coach our of Oxford and I was dashing across London after a gig), not to mention somehow getting lost on the way to the theatre, we made it to the London Coliseum to watch the ENO production of Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk.


Waiting for the show to start

Both of us are huge Shostakovich fans and had been looking forward to this for ages! Safe to say we weren’t disappointed!

Having not heard the music before, I was slightly worried it would be hard to follow what was going on because of the complicated plot and multiple characters. I shouldn’t have worried. I became completely immersed in the moving, passionate and beautiful music which the action on the stage perfectly matched.

There were huge passages with no singing, and the the story was left to be told by movement on stage. The set was interesting but not so intricate that you were dazzled and drawn away from the subject of the the opera.
Both of us loved it, and would recommend it completely! It’s on at the London Coliseum until October 20th so if you get a chance, go!


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