Grace Notes: What next?… and some very exciting news!

So now my exam is over, I’ve been enjoying relaxing and having the time to go and watch some of my friends play in their final exams. Yesterday were the trombones, and today I saw my fellow violinist Horizon String Quartet and a fabulous percussion final. It’s been great to see the performances and celebrate their achievements with them.

Also, some very exciting (and completely non-musical) news has come out today. In Penarth in Wales, a new species of dinosaur has been discovered by Nick and Rob Hanigan. My Mum is a Palaeontologist at the National Museum of Wales and she has been helping to put together the exhibition around the new fossil which the brothers are donating to them.


A drawing of what scientists think the dinosaur would have looked like when alive. (I do not own this image)

I’m really excited to go and visit this exhibition on Friday (when I go back to Cardiff for the weekend) and it’s amazing that this sort of discovery has been made so close to home. Through my Mum’s job, and my brothers obsession with dinosaurs from a very young age (I have seen ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ an infinite number of times!), I have grown up surrounded by them (just facts I hasten to add, our house isn’t something like Jurassic park) and so now love them too (just ask any of my friends, they think I’m obsessed. My next sewing project is dinosaur themed as well…).

So if you happen to be in Cardiff between now and September, you should check out the National Museum of Wales in the centre of Cardiff. Not only has it got amazing natural history and art exhibitions, but you can experience this brand new discovery for yourself!


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