Grace Notes: Music of the week – A song signalling the end of our journey round Middle Earth

Ever since I was a young child I have loved ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ . I remember my dad reading them to me (yes, the whole of LOTR!) and falling in love with that world (even though I spent a large portion of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ thinking Merry was a girl…). I’ve grown up with all 3 of the LOTR films coming out, and soon the third and final Hobbit film will come out, ending the cinematic adventure.

The final film ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’ is in cinemas on December 12th, and as a taster the end song has been released. It is sung and co-written by Billy Boyd (who plays Pippin in LOTR) and he said that ‘We focused on not just the final instalment but moreso on this 10-year epic adventure. A song to sum up the six movies’. I think the song does exactly that. I particularly like the fact that Boyd has sung the song because he was an integral part of the LOTR trilogy and I feel that this ties them together with another thread.

After listening to the song I agree with what Boyd says. There is the quiet and slightly ominous introduction and then the swelling strings that add so much to the soundtracks to the entire film (very ‘elvish’ in my head). The song isn’t loud and brash, but feels like a fitting end to the 10 years we have journeyed through Middle Earth. It also has parallels with ‘Into the West’ which closes ‘The Return of the King’ and I like the symmetry there. Both talk about journeys, saying goodbye and moving on.

I feel this song allows the audience to say a fond farewell to the land which has brought us so many adventures following Bilbo and the Dwarfs, and then Frodo and the Fellowship. I’ll miss it all for sure.


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